5g Mobiles:Top 5g mobile in 2019 we want to see

The phones that peoples aspect in 2019

5g mobile

5g phones come with greater speed, capacity and coverage. As well as brand new applications and services. To take this advantages we’ll need new 5g enabled phones.

Many biggest smartphone company confirming 5g enabled smartphones such as Samsung galaxy s10, One plus 7 and Huawei p30. 5g phones will take a big place in over 2019.

What is 5g?

5g mobileBefore going to the phone list let discuss about 5g.  What is 5g? Its benefit and also why we use 5g phones?

5g is fifth generation cellular mobile communications. It succeeds 4g, 3g and 2g. 5g performance targets high data rate, reduce latency, cost reduction, energy saving, higher system capacity and massive device connectivity.

5g can produce great faster speed than the 4g. We can all enjoy faster browsing, downloading and upload speeds.

The speed of 5g depends on location, signal and also the device. But we surely said that 5g can give you a faster speed than the 4g if your network is quite well.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10

samsung galaxy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is an upcoming smartphone. This is one of the flagship smartphone announced by Samsung. Mostly it will release in early 2019.

Samsung Galaxy s10 is one of the biggest phone launches of 2019. There are some incremental upgrade between Samsung galaxy s8 & s9 but We are hoping more major changes in Samsung galaxy s10.

Finally Samsung ready to launch its screen fingerprint reader with the galaxy s10.The South Korean company is purportedly working closely with Qualcomm, which recently unveiled a new ultrasonic scanner system, which can read and authenticate fingerprints through a glass display, on-stage during its annual Technology Summit.

Samsung Considering a triple lens Camera for galaxy s10. Samsung Galaxy A7 has its first triple lens camera phone.

The specifications of this triple camera are 12 MP wide angle lens, 16 MP super wide angle lens & 13 MP telephoto lens. 12 MP one will be a f/1.5-f/2.4 variable aperture lens just like the camera on Samsung Galaxy s9. For 16 MP f/1.9 aperture lens and a 123-degree field of view. 13 MP has a f/2.4 aperture.

Samsung Galaxy s10 might also have a dual lens front facing camera. According to one report Galaxy s10 have 5 lenses overall but its likely to improve face unlock feature nothing else.

Huawei P30

huawei p30

Huawei’s p30 series is expected to release in 2019. Huawei’s include some new features in P30 or p30 pro. These phones will comes with 5g network technology.

The latest information suggests that p30 have a triple camera set up as a rear camera with a maximum of 40 Megapixels and up to 5x lossless zoom. Huawei just moves to triple lens camera with Huawei p20 pro. While we don’t need more camera lens on the back. We would like to see some improvements as well.

Huawei uses Kirin 970 chipset in Huawei p20. It is a very high chipset but not as the latest Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets. For the Huawei P30, we’d really like Huawei to use a brand-new chipset that makes its debut on those phones and can truly compete with the best around.

A flagship phone needs a very good battery backup. Without good battery backup, users can’t satisfy. Hope Huawei will include a very powerful battery like as Huawei p20.

One plus 7 OR One plus 7t

one plus 7t

One plus traditionally announces two flagship smartphone every year. A standard model in the first half and in the second half announces the “T” Model. One plus 6 was announced 21 May 2018 so mostly one plus 7 will announce in early 2019.

One always released flagship smartphone in the market with great features. The approximate features in one plus 7 or 7T will be like 6.4 inches display with 1080 x 2280  resolution. The operating system will be Android 9.0 pie and the phone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 8/10GB ram.

Many Competitors like Samsung and Huawei already provide triple camera as a rear cam. We aspect One plus will give Triple Camera features in the upcoming One plus 7 or 7T. There are also some features which have to be included in One plus 7 or 7t like Full-screen display, Wireless battery charging, and on-screen fingerprint sensors.

Battery Backup is very important for a smartphone. As far as the battery is concerned it has 4150 mAh.